Plenty of space means plenty of possibilities. However, it is important not to lavishly waste space, but to consciously deal with the generosity of it, in particular because this building is about longevity. The goal was to create a home with a solid substance that can serve as a foundation for a very long history. Looking ahead, representation, comfort and functionality are brought into harmony.


2000 square meters of space were a generous basis for the project in Moosbach. The single-family dwelling of the young married couple with a child should serve as a long-term home for the family. The main building, together with the huge garden and the auxiliary building, which hosts a spacious garage and a workshop, forms an estate with its own driveway. Inspired by the country house style of the Wilhelminian time, the detached garage and the house embody the spaciousness of the grounds, inviting you to dream. The big driveway certainly is impressive, but not pretentious. The courtyard created by the two buildings is terrific and inviting. Further building extensions are possible on the property.
Typical of the country-style, the main house has a cubic structure with lattice windows and a pitched roof. The annex acts as a modern counterpart with a flat roof, extending towards the terrace with pool. By embedding the annex into the hillside, a floating effect is created. This lightness creates a playful contrast to the massive main house. Stone siding walls facilitate aligned, even garden areas at the east side of the house. The inside of the house features a closed room system with a living space of approximately 250sqm. A distinct room layout structures the large house.
A gym and wine cellar are located in the basement, which is accessible from the garage. The first floor hosts a kitchen, a dining area, and a bedroom. The annex contains the south-facing, spacious living room with an access to the sheltered terrace with barbecue area and pool. On the upper floor, three equally sized bedrooms can be found.
The detailed outdoor design as well as the far-sighted room layout reflect the personal involvement of the clients. The storage rooms, for example, have dimensions that are suitable for an elevator, which could be installed in case of a future necessity. The concept of this project in Moosbach is characterized by anticipatory longevity. Start of construction is scheduled for autumn 2019.

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