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To us, architecture is an individual process of creation. Ideally, it is a synthesis that arises between architect and client.

The designers of SNOW create and shape an interaction between characters, feelings, impressions, forms and the environment. This interaction is understood as the main theme underlying any design process.

We at SNOW neither pursue a single design vocabulary nor a standardized approach. The pivotal point is the interplay between observer and architecture itself. Only if this relationship is well understood, unique architectural objects can emerge.

We love to combine and blend styles. We have a passion for material and space while craftmanship is at the heart of everything we do. We fuse tranquility with dynamics instead of restricting ourselves to a singular style.


Architecture continuously changes in conjunction with epochs and social developments. What remains is the orientation towards the sun, resulting in a system of coordinates that is expressed through the cardinal directions. Taking the first letters of the German translations of south, north, east, and west, you will end up with SNOW.

S(ueden) N(orden) O(sten) W(esten)

Every cardinal direction has a unique emotional impact – which is incorporated into our design process.

SNOW was established in 2012. As designers, it is our objective to give individuality, soul and character to the objects we create – every single kind of architecture conveys a feeling.