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Apartment House Lebe’oetz

“Storytelling is not something we do. Storytelling is who we are.” To this statement, we worked closely with the interior designers to come up with a holistic corporate identity for the new Lebe’oetz apartment house. The construction started by demolishing an old barn, which gave the new building its place on a plot full of old tradition and history. It was important to us that a part of the ötztal history, which the old barn told, was preserved in the new house. Thus, the idea was born to fill the house with stories from the ötztal past and the landscape shaped by the mountains using storytelling. Each of the five apartments was given a traditional ötztal name: Zita, Sophl, Frånz, Michl and Traudi. A story was written for each of these characters, which serves as the basis for the customer experience. The stories are conveyed to the guests through “good night stories” in the form of folded flyers, personalized with drawings of the characters. Parts of these stories and drawings can be found in the apartments as wall or glass stickers. In addition, recipes were created for re-cooking, which were also adequately selected and prepared for the stories of the characters.

Otherwise, the design of the apartment house Lebe’oetz was kept simple. The type logo in black was given by the uniform concept of the Lebe’apartments. In contrast to the other fonts of the design guidelines, the logo font is serif.
Colors in desaturated natural colors such as brown or green were defined, which again fit the traditional Ötztal and reflect the character or passions of the characters. In general, the design is clean and characterized by a lot of white space, in addition to all the profundity.

A wording concept, in which a play on words is created from the name of the apartment house, ensures coherence and uniqueness. Lebe’plus Card, Lebe’bonus, Lebe’hofladele, Lebe’mobil, are examples of how guests can be offered a more exclusive experience and the concept can merge more into one.

The Lebe’plus Card, which was printed with a foil finish, has special printing features.


Lena Wöll




Innsbruck | Tirol | Österreich


Strategy concept, marketing concept, corporate identity, website creation, online marketing, social media marketing, various print media, content creation & copy writing, interior wraps, storytelling, drawings, recipes, guidance concept