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Porträt Bmst. Ing. Thomas Krämer, BSc.

For me, architecture means emotion in every apsect. Feeling spaces, being touched by them and thus feeling architecture is what matters to me.

– CEO Bmst. Ing. Thomas Krämer, BSc.

For me, architecture means emotion in every apsect. Feeling spaces, being touched by them and thus feeling architecture is what matters to me.

– CEO Bmst. Ing. Thomas Krämer, BSc.

About us.

To us, architecture is an individual process of creation. Ideally, it is a synthesis that arises between architect and client.

The designers of SNOW create and shape an interaction between characters, feelings, impressions, forms and the environment. This interaction is understood as the main theme underlying any design process.

We at SNOW neither pursue a single design vocabulary nor a standardized approach. The pivotal point is the interplay between observer and architecture itself. Only if this relationship is well understood, unique architectural objects can emerge.

We love to combine and blend styles. We have a passion for material and space while craftmanship is at the heart of everything we do. We fuse tranquility with dynamics instead of restricting ourselves to a singular style.







Starting with a new project we always look at it with it’s orientation to the sun and the cardinal points.

Every cardinal point has it’s own mental effectiveness, which influences the process of creating. As designers it is our duty to give the objects individuality, soul and character – every kind of architecture conveys a feeling.

We are focused on designing our projects resource-saving and to abstain from petroleum-based insulation materials as well as CO2 causing substances wherever it makes sense and is possible.

The Craft.

In the planning and execution, it is important to us to put the respective craft in scene. In the artistic planning sense, our craft is in harmony with the technical skills of the respective trades. We have a network of local professionals who attach great importance to the conservation of resources and regional production. We have already had good experience with the companies we have selected and have worked extremely well together. Together with builders and professionals, a total work of art is created that represents the feeling of a project in all its elements.

Our Roots.


After the successful establishment of the Waldrose and Detailiebe holiday apartments, KP20 GmbH was founded together with Domenic Pirchner, under which another apartment house was built in Oetz.


Sept 2019

The second branch is built in Dornbirn under the management of Lukas Wohlfarter.


Jun 2019

The first branch in Klagenfurt is established under the management of Lukas Leitner.


Aug 2019

Due to the constant expansion of the workforce, the planning and execution departments were created under the direction of Dominik Haid and Fabio Hasslwanter.


Aug 2019

Aria Sadr-Salek is leaving the SNOW brand and now appears as an independent photographer. This is followed by the reorganization of the sole proprietorship to the S.N.O.W. Planungs und Projektmanagement GmbH. However, the close cooperation with Aria continues to this day.



Housing construction opens up new avenues. The Waldrose & Detailiebe holiday apartments are founded in Waging am See under the direction of Nina Krämer.



Thomas Krämer founds the property developer company IMMO.SNOW GmbH and realizes a residential project in Bavaria with the architectural support of SNOW.



Sacha Gillen leaves the dynamic trio and goes his own way as the Zero10 visualization office in Vienna. Years of further development follow, on the architectural but also on the entrepreneurial side. Task fields are becoming more specific and work processes are strengthened and continuously improved through experience. Over the years a young, dynamic and familiar team has emerged



Thomas Krämer, Aria Sadr-Salek and Sacha Gillen founded the sNow architecture brand together while they were still studying.