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A structure of connection.

This visualisation is located in the middle of nature near Innsbruck, on the edge of the forest, and offers a sublime view of the Nordkette mountain range. The primary objectives were to create privacy and optimise the use of incoming sunlight. This was particularly important as the forest boundary extends to the south, where tall trees overshadow the property.

The targeted positioning of the buildings maximises the light in the common rooms, while the bedrooms are located in the shaded area and are suitable for morning and evening sun. The various objectives led to a multi-layered structure with smaller buildings, different heights, levels and roof shapes.

A harmonious and familiar living space unfolds in the centre of the building thanks to the view from the living area to the sleeping areas and vice versa. The garden also provides an overview of the entire property and the buildings. Every room has been carefully orientated towards the garden, creating a continuous connection between the interior and exterior.

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Dipl. Ing.In Linda Neuweiler, BA