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Competition Kindergarten and Elementary School Haimingerberg.

A new building was required that would provide sufficient space for the elementary school as well as for the kindergarten and the day nursery. The proposed design takes up the the traditional appearance and proportion of the site and interprets them in a contemporary way into the new spatial program. The clever positioning of the building volume on the property creates maximum open space and ensures sufficient distance from the existing building. In addition it provides an appropriate arrangement in relation to the forecourt.

The location in the midst of agricultural land and steeply sloping terrain significantly shape the design of the building. The inclination of the roof eaves also creates a characteristic identification in the local structure.

The height development is oriented on the existing topography and structures the spatial program with a clear, functional flow: The ground floor accommodates an open common area, while the upper floor houses the cluster of the elementary school and the garden floor the cluster of the kindergarten and day nursery.

A particular focus was placed on sustainability and contemporary learning.

The shared ground floor is accessed via the forecourt and the covered arrival deck. A transparent and openly designed meeting and access zone creates an overview, tranquility and orientation. This multifunctional zone separates and connects both the elementary school on the upper floor and the kindergarten with the nursery on the garden floor.

The recreational room and the lunchroom can be combined into an extended space for various activities – including a covered terrace.

The schoolyard is also accessible from the ground floor. It is accessed directly via the coatrooms and offers opportunities for relaxing, moving and learning outdoors.

The cluster of the elementary school on the upper floor offers flexible and individual uses of classes and learning landscapes, ensuring maximum openness to the point of breaking up the traditional classrooms. Thus, the spacious and light-flooded learning landscape, with a breathtaking view, offers a high quality of stay for future users.

In the cluster of the kindergarten and the nursery, openness and permeability are the key features. A terrace incision slides between the two units, allowing attractive visual references and extending the interior space to the exterior. An outdoor coatroom gives the children direct access to the outdoor area.

The clever embedding of the building creates spacious and sheltered areas for the different age groups, ideal for playing and moving around.

The new building is to be realized in a mixed construction of concrete and wood, whereby the highest possible proportion of wood construction is desirable. Only local materials are to be used for the interior spaces to create a warm and child-friendly atmosphere.

The project aims to create a contemporary educational and childcare facility that fits seamlessly into the existing environment and fully meets the needs of the village community.

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Invited Competition

Project type

Kindergarten and School


New Construction


2nd Place

Project Management

Arch. Dipl. Ing. Alexander Topf

Project Cooperation

Dipl. Ing.In Julia Schulta, BSc


Haimingerberg | Tyrol | Austria