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Social Pedagogical Center Klagenfurt.

The task was the redesign and spatial adaptation of an existing building on the grounds of the State Hospital Klagenfurt to create space for a Social Pedagogical Center (SPC) with residential units, a kindergarten (KIGA) and a daycare center ( KITA).
The central aim of our design is the spatial transformation of the building into a forward-looking, contemporary, inclusive and multidimensional learning, working, living and experience landscape, which creates space for the different groups of users and their needs.
A core idea for the reorganization of the current building structure is the activation of the former basement by lowering the existing courtyard level, as an attractive and bright garden floor with direct connection to the green inner courtyard. The new “additional” floor allows a horizontal layering of the individual utilizations with clear interfaces between the different functional areas. The elementary education area occupies the central part of the building in an L-shape across all levels and is flanked to the west and north by the point-shaped functional areas of the SPC. The KIGA and KITA are organized on each floor in two spatially separated clusters and connected by a common, general meeting zone. The new arrangement of these areas creates short distances, allows for multiple uses and provides space for growth, development and expression.
The existing building has a high percentage of unused development space. In order to activate this unused potential, generous covered terraces stacked on top of each other were proposed on the courtyard side, across all levels, which spatially complement and expand the existing building. These terraces are secured towards the courtyard with floor-to-ceiling nets, which also serve as climbing aids for the vertical greening of the courtyard façades.
Through the spatial reorganization and the reinterpretation of the circulation zones, the previously unused corridor areas can be activated, thereby unfolding their full potential as open communication and circulation zones and acting as multifunctional play corridors and checkrooms.
The street-side façade is partially covered with curtain-type wooden slats from Klagenfurt’s forest. This has an identity-forming effect, clearly anchors the building in the anonymous clinic environment, and also serves as sun protection to the south and east, actively preventing the building from overheating in summer.

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EU-wide, open, single-stage realization competition

Project Type

School, Kindergarten





Project Management

Arch. Dipl. Ing. Alexander Topf


Klagenfurt | Carinthia | Austria