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SNOW Architecture.

A feeling – that’s what SNOW ARCHITECTURE is supposed to communicate. This feeling is given as much individual space as possible by working with a simple design that does not impose itself, but rather accompanies and supports the design of the architecture. An important design element here is white space, which leaves room for reflection and interpretation.

Young, minimalist, and timeless are keywords that relate to the design of SNOW ARCHITECTURE. This starts with the design of the logo and continues throughout the entire concept. The logo represents a compass, which is one of the most important elements for our architects. In the beginning of the creation process the architects reduce the object to the cardinal points. The symbol of the logo is also used in floor plans as a north arrow. The compass was taken from the original logo and was simplified to have a clearer performance. The color scheme in the design is based on matte, desaturated colors from petrol to light gray to bring color into the simple concept with the black-white logo.

Clear communication should not only take place internally with employees and externally with customers. This should be communicated to the outside even before the first contact. Again, this succeeds in using white space, which directs the focus to the essentials and simplifies the reading of texts. Despite its static character, the Avenir Next font exudes a certain liveliness, which is seen as a bridge to architecture. It is sans serif and creates a neutral typeface for the viewer. By using different sizes and weights, it creates an optimum of harmony and contrast and can be used flexibly. In print, the large spacing of the headlines makes them catch the eye.

The dot was defined as an additional design element. This is used, for example, in headlines (“Who are we.”) or project names (“Minimalism.”). The dot provides breaks for creativity and gives individual words more power.

The theme of personality is also important in the communication of SNOW ARCHITECTURE. Therefore, it is part of the concept to present the employees and their expertise to the outside by repeatedly publishing quotes or interviews.

In printing, it is mainly used uncoated paper, which is one part of the values of SNOW ARCHITECTURE in terms of sustainability. A special exception in printing is the business card, which is unique due to an embossing of the logo.

Project Management

Lena Wöll




Innsbruck | Tyrol | Austria


Strategy concept, marketing concept, corporate identity, website creation, online marketing, social media marketing, various print media, car & scooter wraps, interior wraps, content creation & copy writing